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What We Do

At SCMS, our school counselors are available to assist students with academic, behavior, economic and family concerns, as well as personal and social concerns. 


Specifically, our counselors provide the following:


  • Individual student counseling

    • Academic

    • Behavioral

    • Emotional

    • Personal/Social

  • Group counseling

  • Classroom guidance

  • Consultation with parents/guardians (upon request)

  • Consultation via parent/teacher meetings (upon request)

  • Crisis intervention

  • Resources for mental health concerns

  • Career Counseling

  • Preparation for High School

  • Implementation of county-wide attendance policy

  • Oversight of Section 504 Plans


The School Counselors at SCMS believe that counseling offers students an opportunity to be listened to and heard, especially during a critical time of adolescence when students are faced with so many unique challenges. Our counseling program is structured to provide the academic, emotional and behavioral support that students need to be successful. 


We are always mindful of confidentiality, legal and ethical concerns and strive to perform our responsibilities to a high standard of excellence. Our goal is to develop and promote a positive relationship between school, home and the local community.  


To schedule an appointment with your child’s counselor, please email your child’s counselor, or you may call the school directly (706-886-2880). Students may request to meet with his/her counselor by requesting through a parent or a teacher. 


Counselors are assigned to students by grade level or team:


6th Grade: Mrs. Emily Sprowls -

7th Grade: Mrs. Tiffany Oldham - 

8-1: Mrs. Emily Sprowls -

8-2: Mrs. Keumele Keown -

8-3: Mrs. Tiffany Oldham -