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Classes and Scheduling

Academic Classes

Each student will take 4 academic classes each year. Academic classes are arranged by team:


6th Grade

Team 6-1: Susan Cochran (ELA), Jennifer Smallwood (Math), Trisha Danforth (Science), Rebecca Harris (Social Studies)

Team 6-2: Shelby Ivester (ELA), Shannon Williams (Math), Kim Epps (Science), Chase Coleman (Social Studies)

Team 6-3: Julie Kelly (ELA), Julie Moon (Math), Shelby Finch (Science), Eran Bowers (Social Studies)


7th Grade

Team 7-1: Samantha Pruitt (Science & Math), Kayla Grafton (Social Studies & ELA)

Team 7-2: Pam Quick (ELA), Amanda Carter (Math), Arundhati Pitts (Science), Eileen Helgeland (Social Studies)

Team 7-3: Sandi Brock (ELA), Holly Jones (Math), Donna Gailer (Science), Delicia Folsom (Social Studies)


8th Grade

Team 8-1: Grey Thomas (ELA), Dennis Brock (Math), Gail Nicholson (Science), Holly Peeples (Social Studies)

Team 8-2: Maggi Martinez (ELA), Susan Kesler (Math), Suzanne Merce (Science), Jason Elliott (Social Studies)

Team 8-3: Suzanne Smith (ELA), Darla Allen (Math), Chad Sorrells (Science), David Cawthon (Social Studies)


Students are placed on teams at random - they may not be requested by parents or students.


Connections Classes

In addition to academic classes, students will experience a variety of non-academic classes called “Connections.” Students have 2 connections classes each day, and these classes change every 9 weeks, to expose students to a variety of opportunities and interests. These courses are exploratory in nature, and are designed to prepare students for additional options once they begin the 9th grade.

Current Connections classes offered include:

  • Agriculture 

  • Art 

  • Band 

  • Business

  • Chorus 

  • Family & Consumer Science 

  • Guitar

  • Music Technology

  • Physical Education

  • Robotics

  • Weight Training

All courses are exploratory; therefore, students are funneled through all connections classes throughout their time in middle school, with the exception of band, chorus, and weight training.